Now that mobile apps have become an integral part of many people’s daily lives, mobile marketing and advertising strategy has become immensely important. This is where ad networks come in - websites, products, and even other mobile apps can be promoted through in-app advertising. According to Ad Age's Mobile Fact Pack report, mobile ad expenditure will rise 75 percent by the end of 2013, with about $8 billion spent exclusively on mobile ads.Best apps to manage money

A Gartner report on mobile app store revenue indicated that in 2013, while pay-to-download apps will account for 75.9 percent of app revenues, free apps comprise 91 percent of all downloads. Some of those apps earn money with in-app purchases, but many survive with in-app advertising. By 2017, Gartner predicted, 14 percent of all revenue from apps will come through advertising.

All the top ad aggregator networks can be built into mobile apps to help monetize them:

  • AdMob: This service from Google offers ad campaigning solutions for multiple mobile platforms like iOS, Android, and Windomobile marketing campaignws Phone 8. AdMob helps app creators start earning from their apps by creating marketing campaigns and getting new users. The AdMob SDK lets the user choose from various ad formats, including standard banner ads, interstitial (full screen) ads, interactive ads, and exclusive custom search ads. With the help of AdMob, one can analyze the performance of an app.


  • Millennial Media: This mobile ad network utilizes most of social network and offers great deals to their publishers anMobile apps advertisingd developers including CBS Interactive, The New York Times Co., Zynga, etc. Right from marketing and monetizing your app, the ad network lets you campaign your ventures across various apps and websites. The ad network supports various platforms like iOS, Android, Windows Phone, and BlackBerry.

  • MobYD: This company works closely with media agencies and high end mobile agencies offering mobile advertising campaigns and providing highly convertible traffic. MobYD offers services like optimized brand awareness, analysis, and audience targeting. The ad network also helps in acquiring new mobile app users and increasing mobile site traffic. With over 12,500 publishers serving its ads, MobYD supports iOS and Android.Mobile app advertising
  • InMobi: This company trumpets its ability to categorize potential customers. With 691 million unique users, spanning 165 countries, and 93.4 billion monthly ad impressions, InMobi has a global reach. The customized ad campaigns and unique ad formats add to InMobi’s popularity. The ad network supports iOS, Android, and Windows.Mobile advertising networks

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