Mobile Loyalty Apps Boosting Local Retail and SalesIn the quest to pull patrons into their businesses, retail stores and restaurants are implementing mobile loyalty apps. These apps allow businesses to reward their customers with free goodies, discounts, and reward points upon purchase.

Loyalty reward apps can also enhance interactivity with the public. They provide valuable customer data, like customer behavioral patterns and preferences, as well as a means for customers to offer direct feedback. Besides, loyalty apps relieve the hassles of carrying (or more likely loosing) wallet or keychain reward cards.

As reported in the Charlotte Observer in May, a recent Borrell Associates Inc. report SmartPhone Loyalty Appspredicted that mobile location-based promotions will capture 64% of local digital marketing spending in 2016. Other data in the same piece, from Deloitte, indicated that smartphones would “influence” up to 21% of all purchasing decisions at U.S. retail stores in 2016.

Mobile reward apps are not necessarily restricted to a single store. By partnering with multiple companies, they provide cash returns or gifts, rewarding the customer with more than just an in-store discount. Loyalty Reward apps are often used by restaurant chains and the successful aspects of a loyalty program can both attract new customers to a restaurant and help to retain them.

Big Internet companies are getting into the game as well, according to All Things D. Cloud storage provider Dropbox just purchased Endorse, which offered deals on products from its partners, which included Nabisco, Proctor & Gamble, Pepsico, and other food giants.

Some of the top mobile loyalty apps, and examples of mobile loyalty success stories include:

  • Belly: Belly App Top Mobile Loyalty Apps that lets users scan its app at an in-store mobile device and earn points Belly is one of the top mobile loyalty apps that lets users scan its app at an in-store mobile device and earn points. The customer can redeem rewards based on the type of business. The app provides info on the nearby places that accept the loyalty card. It is also integrated with the iOS Passbook, which makes it more convenient to use the app. The app can be enjoyed free and is available on the iOS and Android platforms.
  • Shopkick: Shopkick App Location Based App, which offers customers rewards for walking into a store Shopkick is a location-based app, which offers customers rewards for walking into a store. The app is widely used by retailers like Best Buy, Target, Old Navy, and Macy’s. The app works with 7,200 stores in the U.S., including locally-owned stores as well as large chains. It’s free on both iOS and Android.


  • FrontFlip: FrontFlip App gamifies store rewards by offering customers a digital scratch card when they scan at restaurants FrontFlip gamifies store rewards by offering customers a digital scratch card when they scan at restaurants. Users can win discounts or free food when they “scratch” off the game piece. There are versions for iOS and Android.



  • LevelUp: Levelup App Free App for Customer Pay And Earn Rewards LevelUp is yet another free app that lets the customer pay as well as earn rewards. By using the app, the first payment made helps you to save cash immediately. The loyalty campaigns offered by the app help loyal customers gain more rewards. Like the others listed here, this app is available for both iOS and Android.


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