Our own Account Executive Courtney LeClaire led a workshop session on mobile development at the Small Business Expo in Boston last Thursday.

Courtney LeClaire speaks about how to implement mobile apps as part of a business strategy.

The lively audience of dozens of entrepreneurs and business leaders asked plenty of questions. Courtney offered examples of apps developed both by Zco and by other companies that helped businesses connect with customers or streamline their own operations.

“Mainly, consumer apps are used to engage the client more,” Courtney said. Typical goals of consumer apps include increasing brand awareness and inspiring customer loyalty through rewards programs.

Enterprise apps, on the other hand, are distributed by a company or organization to its internal users. Like any other tool, an enterprise mobile app can increase efficiency or make it easier to collaborate.

“Not limited to sales teams, of course,” Courtney said. “It could be engineering, it could be management. Really, anybody can use it.”

As highlighted in our infographicabout using mobile apps with company information, 98 percent of employees say that mobile access to enterprise data would increase productivity.

The App Development Process

Courtney went through the typical process of getting an app to market: discovery, scope alignment, development, and deployment.

“Sometimes people come to us with a whole written specification that might be 20, 50 pages,” she said.

Zco also attended and presented at Small Business Expo events in New York City and Miami earlier this year. We’ve learned quite a bit about how business owners view the mobile landscape. Many recognize the importance of catering to mobile users, but aren’t exactly sure how to go about it or lack the resources to develop apps on their own.

Others are understandably anxious about earning back a return on the investment made in mobile app development services – something else an experienced development company can help with.

Watch highlights from the presentation below!

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