Last month at the Augmented World Expo, Amber Garage introduced HoloKit: a low-cost solution to create mixed-reality experiences for users. It includes a HeadKit cardboard headset and TrackKit software. It’s simple, cheap, and instant. All that’s needed is a mobile phone, a pair of Fresnel lenses, and a cardboard frame with mirrors. Unlike Google Cardboard, HoloKit is a setup that produces a mixed-reality experience. The pair of mirrors reflects the display of smartphone onto an angled, semi-transparent Fresnel lens so the user can see both image and the world around them, all for a fraction of the cost of a dedicated VR headset.

Woman using HoloKit MR

Providing a full field of view along with high immersion, HoloKit has the possibility to make for more compelling product demonstrations and data visualizations. Powered by the accurate gyro and camera on smartphones, HoloKit allows for the placement of persistent virtual objects within real world spaces. This provides a deeper and richer experience to engage users. Since the HoloKit hardware is comparatively cheaper than the other VR rigs on the market, creators will have an easier time getting their experiences into the hands of users.

HoloKit and similar systems enable developers to create their own mixed reality apps. From mobile games to use on industrial assembly lines, MR offers a plethora of development options for individuals and companies alike. There’s no better time to explore developing mixed reality apps. If your business is considering AR, Zco is ready to help guide you. We have been pioneering AR technology since its inception, and our experts can help you integrate this cutting edge technology into your business model.