The 2010 GeoDomain Expo has come to an end and all of the attendants have come away with a wealth of knowledge and insight from industry professionals. The expo was pleased to welcome a surprise guest, the President of the New Orleans City Council, Arnie Fielkow, who expressed the city’s appreciation for being chosen to host the annual meeting of .com city domain owners.

Topics discussed included creative local branding and marketing, social media, and mobilizing websites. The main theme throughout each of the panel discussions was an appeal to grassroots marketing techniques and reaching out to customers on a personal level.

The GeoDomain Expo for mobile app developersCourtney LeClaire, of Zco Corporation, participated in the social media panel and offered a variety of ways to leverage social media efficiently. Through the usage of two core metrics; influence and engagement., businesses can stay in touch with their consumers. LeClaire also highlighted the importance of choosing metrics that actually translate into a business context for your organization.

Don Jones, Chief Operating Officer of New, and David Asplund, account executive with Zco Corporation, spearheaded the panel on mobilizing websites. Their presentation highlighted the importance of websites being optimized for mobile devices. Perhaps the most staggering statistic presented by the two was the estimate that mobile browsers will outnumber desktop browsers by 2012.

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