The White House announced in late March that 15 of the major electrical utilities providers agree to join and support the ‘Green Button’ initiative developed by the Office of Science and Technology.

The initiative looks to persuade utility providers to produce an application for mobile or web that will allow their consumers to track energy usage in a user-friendly manner, and learn how to conserve energy usage.

Green Button initiative by the Office of Science and TechnologyWith this freedom of innovation, developers and utilities providers can work together to design an application with a game context. The intention of the ‘Green Button’ initiative is to provide homeowners current data of their household energy usage, make a game out of conserving energy, and most of all educate users on how to save energy and money.

A recent study conducted by Pike Research shows that 57 million consumers of utilities already use social media regularly to engage with utility providers.

Another research conducted by Delft University of Technology found if you ‘gamify’ such an everyday task as energy conservation, consumers would react to the challenge in outstanding ways. In the study that DUT titled ‘Energy Battle’ an online game, statistics show that adding a gaming context to energy management can yield a 45% increase in savings for the homeowner.

Joseph Romm, Editor for Climate Progress praises the ‘Green Button’ initiative by writing, “The green button will save America going green with the Green Button initiativemoney and make life easier for Americans nationwide. It may also be the catalyst for innovative companies that can now predictably access energy data and provide tools for residential, commercial, and industrial players.”

With many progressive groups influencing the masses, and the government taking notice - it appears that there is a shift in terms of producing environmental awareness for the future.  With the ‘Green Button’ initiative this awareness is to be delivered to the consumer in the form of an application.

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