Google is the technology giant! With the launch of Google+ dating back to only June 28, they already have 10 million users, according to the Chicago Tribune.  Although Google+ has only a faction of Facebook's 750 million users, the popularity of Google+ could shift the way of social networking.

Google+ has countless features that effortlessly top what Facebook has done. For example:

  • Hangout: group video chats
  • +1 icon: similar to the “like” button
  • Circle: an easy way to categorize what you want private
  • Spark: the ability to share content within circle

The quick growth of Google+ has dramatically slowed down. This could be because Google offered the Android app of Google+ from the start, and now more users are accessing the app. This shrinks time spent on the social network.

How many of you have Google+?  Do you access it more often then Facebook?

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