Are you a Google+ user? If not you are predicted to be in the future. Google+ is expected to reach over 100 million users by February.  It took Facebook four years before it reached that number.  But, to be fair I think people are more eager to join Google+ because of the positive impact of Facebook.  It is projected the number will be close to 400 million users by the end of 2012. Google+ definitely had a fast increase in users but they are still a long way from the 800 million users Facebook has.

Google+ is Google’s social networking site.  This site has many features, many of which mirror Facebook. One feature that seems cool to me is the Huddle where you can turn your individual texts to a group chat. So, when trying to make plans to head out on the town your fingers won’t get tired trying to notify all of your friends.  If you are a part of Google+ you can tell everyone to get in on the Huddle.

I myself am not a Google+ user but I am seriously thinking about it. Are you a user? Tell Zco what you think?

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