Golf tournaments can be exciting but personally the silence and the agony of not knowing what’s going on a hole away makes me a bit anxious. Well if you’re anything like me, have no fear because the new PGA of America app is here!

This new app allows fans to follow the leaderboard on their mobile device. It is now easy to follow not only one hole but practically the whole course.  This is a huge step for PGA. For anyone who knows golf, cell phones on the course are a HUGE no no! For the most part people have been follow the rules and just using their phones for this app specifically, however PGA has had some problems with people taking photos of the game as well as having private conversations with people around them. So don’t say you weren’t warned. If you decide to download this app make sure it is strictly for the use of PGA, because your phone will be confiscated from you and returned when leaving.

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