Creating a hit game in the modern industry requires a lot more time, effort, and funding than many people realize. From concept art creation, to analyzing the user interface and creating the code base, to the final animated polish and shine, every piece has to be meticulously placed to create a buzz in the modern market. So, after putting your all into creating your masterpiece, how can you guarantee you’ll have an audience? What steps can you take from the start to make your title a success?

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The first, and easiest, step would certainly be an online presence. Create a Facebook page, start up a blog, spread the news! Not only is this a great way to reach your audience, but it is also one of the best ways for your audience to reach out to you. Most gamers have been around the block long enough to know what really makes a game tick- they just need to be given a voice.

Giving your audience a way to contact you before your game hits the market allows you two privileges- realizing ways to improve before your game hits the virtual shelves, and letting the fans feel like they are a part of the magic as well. Creating a closeness with your audience will keep them interested longer, and make them more likely to bring up the website to their friends because YOU have become their friend of sorts. Put a face to the franchise, and you’ll become more than just another game.

As this trend in social connection continues, some companies are taking even more direct routes to talk with their fans. Holding web-based Q+A sessions on Reddit’s ‘Ask me Anything’ subsection has seen an enormous spike in popularity recently, since devoting a few short hours to answering questions on the popular forum can bring in thousands of new fans easily, due to the high traffic of the website. Some even take it one step further, by linking to donation websites and allowing fans to directly affect the quality of the final game.

As an industry member AND a hobbyist gamer, I definitely support it when developers reach out to fans. I lurk the blogs of my favorite game creators, post when I feel my insight can really impact the success, and even pitch in some pocket change on occasion, if I know I can help the process along. Of course, I’ve seen the receiving end as well, and realize that those eager fans can really be fountains of useful information, able to add upon ideas with astounding amounts of insight. If you have already summoned up the courage to make that title happen, then opening yourself up to the fans is simple. Make yourself available, and they will come to you.

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