Angry Bird Large

The 2010 billboard hit, "I want to be a billionaire so freakin bad," says exactly what we are all thinking. Because really, who doesn't want to be a billionaire? But I highly doubt the creators of the popular app game, "Angry Birds" foresaw their company potentially being worth 1.2 billion dollars. This is exactly what might happen though. Rovio Entertainment Oy (Angry Birds developer) is rumored to be in consideration for a "strategic investment" from a company within the entertainment industry because the company investing thinks it is worth that much.

Some may be saying, "All of this over a game of Angry Birds?" But I say, heck why not Angry Birds? All it takes is a simple idea, people to believe in it, and the process of seeing it through with the proper funds, and then hello world you could be smiling next to Opera and the Queen. Okay, well maybe, not them per se, but definitely living comfortably.

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Note, we cannot guarantee that your app will be a success.

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