Technology moves at a blistering pace. From new product launches to major OS updates, it can be easy to feel overwhelmed as you’re browsing the day’s headlines. But it doesn’t have to be. Tech experts of all stripes and backgrounds have garnered huge followings online because of their abilities to deftly navigate the tech world, finding the most interesting and impactful aspects of the tech world and relaying them to their fans and followers. In this article, we’re going to highlight five tech influencers and brands you should follow if you’re a technology fan.

tech influencers you should follow


When it comes to putting brand new hardware through their paces, look no further than this YouTube channel. Not for the faint of heart, JerryRigEverything regularly takes all manner of sharp instruments to brand new phone screens to test their real-world scratch resistance. The channel also isn’t afraid to bend phones to their breaking points, something that causes no end of misery within the channel’s comment sections. While the channel isn’t for the faint of heart, it’s one of the few willing to test manufacturer specifications and show the gory details of everyday and extreme tech use.

Linus Tech Tips

Ever wanted to know if you can turn a profit using decommissioned NAS hard drives to mine cryptocurrency? Or how to soup up your brand new iMac, even though it’ll void your warranty? Then Linus and his Canadian band of tech enthusiasts is your man. The team covers everything from obscure prototype technologies to cutting-edge graphics cards. Their engaging style and massive amount of weekly content ensure that no matter how technically proficient you are, you’ll find something interesting. Recently, Linus’s channel has been doing many cross-channel collaborations, and as a result, is a great source to find other tech content creators.

Strange Parts

Much of the technology that Americans use in their day-to-day lives is designed in North America but produced elsewhere overseas. Scotty Allen, the man behind the YouTube channel Strange Parts, lives to explore that connection between us and the places that produce our technology. Because he lives abroad in Mainland China, Scotty has direct access to the marketplaces and people involved in the manufacturing of our phones. Most famously, Scotty was able to add a 3.5mm headphone jack back onto an iPhone, using parts purchased from the tech markets in Shenzhen. His channel offers a fascinating glimpse into how our devices are created.


If you’ve ever looked down at your phone and wondered what was underneath its Gorilla Glass and aluminum body, then iFixit has you covered. Besides offering detailed DIY guides for tech repair, they also maintain a YouTube channel featuring in-depth teardowns of brand new technology. It is not uncommon for iFixit to offer complete teardown guides and part lists the same day a new iPhone is offered to the public. In addition to their videos and guides, they have an online store offering replacement parts ranging from screens and buttons to complete logic boards.


There aren’t many more YouTubers that work as hard and as consistently as Marques Brownlee. The self-made content creator has been producing technology videos since the creation of YouTube. Between his composed and even-handed on-screen presence and his slick camerawork and editing, he has made himself the undisputed king of video tech content. And the world has taken notice. Brownlee recently interviewed Elon Musk and Neil deGrasse Tyson and has expanded his operation to encompass vehicles, older tech, and photography. If you’re considering buying a new phone and want a fair and balanced impression, check out MKBHD.