Rumors about the iPhone 5 are circulating in the tech community and the word is that it may be the biggest upgrade yet. As more information about possible features becomes available, anticipation grows. Are you ready to upgrade to the newest iPhone?

While nothing is confirmed yet, supposedly the iPhone 5 will feature a larger screen in a completely redesigned phone. The screen may increase from the current 3.5 inches to 3.7 or even 4 inches. Some speculators are saying there will actually be two iPhone 5’s released – one with the enlarged XL screen and one with the current screen size.

Speaking of screens, the touchscreen may be even more responsive than the current model. The new design is reported to have a curved frame with a metal back. If that’s true, the body may be more durable than previous generations. The liquid metal rumored to be the new body is still very smooth.

Apple iPhone 5 features

It’s also likely that the new iPhone will be thinner than the iPhone 4S. Business Insider says the iPhone 5 may be 7.9mm thick, a millimeter less than the iPhone 4S. If the whispers are right, the dock connecter will be getting smaller, too—it’ll have to, with the potential slimmer model. That means new chargers and docks for everyone!

The iPhone 5 could include some once-futuristic features like facial recognition or an OLED screen. The facial recognition may be used to unlock the iPhone’s software; a similar program is used by the Galaxy Nexus, which runs on Android. With an exciting new screen, you may be ready to try out some new apps. Rumor has it that Apple is using its acquisition of Chomp to redesign the app store, so that will be new to the iPhone 5 as well.

Thunderbolt display lovers will be excited to hear the rumor that a Thunderbolt port will be included on the iPhone 5. It will provide an easy high-speed connection between the devices. Speaking of high speed, the iPhone 5 may be the first iPhone to run on 4G LTE networks. This means you’ll be able to download data almost as quickly as you would on a broadband connection.

With so many great features, I may consider waiting to upgrade until the iPhone 5 hits the shelves. It’s not likely to disappoint.

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