Did you know you could purchase accessories that pair with mobile apps to totally transform your mobile device? It’s true! With the right accessories you can make your phone more useful and more fun! Here are a few fun accessories with corresponding mobile apps that allow you to transform your device into something even cooler than it already is:

The AppToyz Blaster lets you fight aliens using an iPhone machine gun attachment. Using the gun with the corresponding app helps you get a more immersive experience than you would get playing a shooter game without a gun attachment. The device itself is bright orange and white, made of plastic and applicable for a 3GS or 4TH gen iPhone. The iPhone works as a sight on the gun, letting you truly believe you’re battling aliens. The attachment is currently available for $32.29.

AppToyz Blaster machine gun attachment for iPhone

Etch A Sketch has been around for 50 years, but now it’s on iPhone. Indulge your inner child by slipping your iPhone into the Etch A Sketch case, turning on the app and creating wacky designs. The product isn’t just for fun, either - it also helps protect your iPhone. Of course, you can also download and run the Etch A Sketch app without the case, but it wouldn’t be nearly as whimsical. The case is currently available for $24.99 and the app is $2.99 in the App Store.

The Pico Genie lets you show your iPhone display on a screen or wall. It’s the perfect app for a professional on the go; you don’t have to worry about carrying a laptop or using a phone that’s larger than you’d like. Instead, just slip the iPhone into the Pico Genie and get ready to show the whole room your display. As a bonus, the Pico Genie will actually help charge your phone. It can work without apps, but its functionality is increased with various apps to better display photos, web pages and maps.

These are just a few of the accessories available that really shine when paired with mobile apps. Buy your favorite and get ready for a good time. Just make sure to check that you have a compatible mobile device before you hit “Buy”. Some attachments only work with a specific iPhone or Android models and aren’t compatible with any other type of phone.

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