Beijing was eager this morning for the iPhone 4S as it was set to launch there today. It was then cancelled due to the massive crowds it was anticipating, so instead of a profitable day for the Apple store in Beijing it was a morning full of yolk.  Angry citizens and gangs raged the Apple store with eggs.  It said however, the iPhone 4S would still be sold online and through its local carrier.  People had been lined up in the freezing cold all night for this grand opening, so naturally when the doors did not open at 7 a.m. they became furious and began to rage and yell at employees through the windows.  Beijing’s Apple store decided it would be too dangerous to open the doors. For now the phone will not be sold in the Beijing or Shanghai stores. This is not unusual though, “Apple's iPhones are hugely popular in China and stores are mobbed for the release of new products.” This is from an article by the Associated Press.

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