Education apps in SmartphoneWhy are Mobile Learning Apps So Important?

Mobile learning has become an integral part of the modern education system. With Mobile phones, tablets and various connected devices, learning app development helps to bring forth digital content to students of many levels. Educational apps developed can engage as well as personalize particular needs of learning at various levels. High levels of student engagement and peer activities can be established and taken to higher levels with the help of mobile educational apps. Learning apps can also cater to specific studying systems which support the needs of children dealing with autism, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), visual and hearing impairment, and learning disabilities. By harnessing the true powers of the mobile platform, educational app developers can develop interactive and fun apps for education. Instructional teaching can be deployed with the help of mobile learning apps.

According to Brandon Hall Group’s 2013 Mobile Learning Survey, it was found that about 73% of organizations currently utilize mobile devices to do various forms of learning. Because the survey provides reports on how various organizations are switching to mobile learning systems and achieving high results, it provides a chance to analyze how mobile learning can be effective. Mobile games, mobile videos, push notifications, mobile assessment and performance are some of the most effective ways of deploying mobile learning strategies. The report also emphasizes how one can gain the most with appropriate mobile strategies.

  • Start small – Analyze and take time to develop and set up effective mobile content. Short videos and quick updates help to keep the content crisp and digestible.
  • Think the mobile way – Develop and design content for mobile platforms rather than the traditional learning packages. One needs to think beyond the course modules and virtual classrooms.
  • Mobile browser- Adapting to mobile browsers but also utilize the native app features and advantages of mobile devices that can help create unique learning systems.
  • Begin with the mobile strategy - The study also shows that various firms are launching their strategy even before it is fully developed. Analyze why your organization requires a mobile delivery and what are the proposed challenges.

Digital Content Online Textbooks Based on a survey conducted by Boundless, a creator of online textbooks, digital learning content is gaining high popularity and is replacing traditional textbooks in many cases.  According to the survey 92% of students opted for digital research options when compared to printed sources. A huge majority of school administrators approve switching from the traditional text book learning systems to the mobile learning methods. With mobile technology, the teaching is not confined within the classrooms; it helps to extend the standard of education to a new level. This new evolution of teaching systems helps students and educators to connect, collaborate, communicate and develop a superior education system.

Stack the States Best Educational Game AppSome of the Best Educational Apps of 2013

1.Stack The States – Voted the Best Educational Game App at and Best Kids App for iPad at the Best Ever App Awards, Stack The States provides a way to teach a child all about the 50 states in the US. It’s a game designed to entertain as well as teach kids all about state capitals, state shapes, abbreviations, bordering states, location on the map, nicknames, flags, and lots more. The game is currently available in the Android and iOS stores for $0.99.
Poetry app lets you discover new poems, save your favorite poem, and share them through social media
2.POETRY from The Poetry Foundation – To instill a love and passion for poems by Wordsworth, Emily Dickinson and more great poets, then POETRY from The Poetry Foundation is the right app. The app lets you discover new poems, save your favorite poem, and share them through social media. Nominated for the Webby award, the app is available free on iOS and Android.
Mathway app covers almost any age group, teaching the basics to tricky math problems
 3.Mathway – Not many like Algebra, Trigonometry, Precalculus, Calculus, and Statistics, but with the Mathway app, understanding and learning math can be fun. The app covers almost any age group, teaching the basics to tricky math problems. The user can upgrade to the premium version for a step by step solving method. The app is currently available for the iOS and Android platform.

4.Science360 –Designed for and dedicated to science and engineering lovers around the globe by The National ScScience360 features weekly updates of contentience Foundation, Science360 features weekly updates of content. The latest videos, photos, and text from various scientists, science and engineering centers, colleges, and universities help the user to explore and learn about scientific discoveries. The app is free for iOS and Android.

 How to Engage Users Differently with Education Apps

Various concepts like Gamification and Augmented Reality (AR) can make educational apps more interactive and engaging than the normal mobile apps. Depending on the age group and subjects chosen one can incorporate these concepts to make the app a huge hit.  For example, these apps developed for clients by Zco offer more than just a mobile app experience.

  • Chores for Rewards As the name suggests, Chrores for Rewards aims to promote good behavior in children by rationing the use of the mobile device. It rewards your child for completing certain assigned chores like homework, saying prayers, helping parents with the household chores, eating healthy, and  more. The app lets the parent control the child’s account and, on completing the assigned task, reward them with cash allowances or time using their favorite mobile app.
  • Tonji – Tonji the Musical Ambassador is an interactive and AR app that doesn't just entertain children but also helps them learn about various geographic locations. The bright colors and the AR effects help the child to learn more about cultures, songs, and basic vocabulary words.   

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