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Apple must really love its customers because the company is making it super easy to upgrade a Mac to OS X Lion. How easy, you ask? Well, now all users have to do is go to the App Store, buy OS X Lion for $29.99 and download…that’s it. According to Apple’s website, if the Mac meets the requirements for Lion (for example hearty enough to be running Snow Leopard) it should be able to do the rest of the upgrade work.

There are more than 250 new features in OS X Lion - here are some of the standouts:

Multi-Touch Gestures: Using the trackpad on a Mac won’t limit you to just scrolling through a page vertically or horizontally. Now more can be done, like pinching the trackpad to zoom in, or spreading three fingers and your thumb on the trackpad to move all open windows off the screen and reveal the desktop.

Mission Control: This allows you to see everything running on your Mac from what Apple calls a “bird’s-eye view.” With Mission Control, open apps, webpages, desktop spaces and Dashboard are all visible. Click on anything to navigate to it.

Auto Save and Versions: Auto Save is exactly what it sounds like – if an app is developed with Auto Save, it will automatically save the document being worked on. Auto Save works hand-in-hand with Versions because Versions keeps all of the saved versions of a document, like Time Machine.

Can’t wait to get your hands on … um… download Lion? The wait is almost over. Apple announced last week the platform will be released in July instead of in the fall as originally indicated. So get ready to say sayonara to Snow Leopard, here comes Lion!

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