The biggest conference in gaming has come to an end. E3 2012 brought game enthusiasts lots of excitement and entertainment last week, but the doors closed Thursday evening. Don’t worry, though. If there is one thing E3 does right, it’s letting gamers know their favorite games are coming soon!

Electronic Entertainment Expo 2012Microsoft, Sony and Nintendo kicked off E3 by showcasing the products and games customers can expect to see in the next year. Microsoft introduced its Smartglass technology, along with gameplay of the highly anticipated “Halo 4” and “Call of Duty Black Ops II”. Sony highlighted its cross-platform play with the PS3 and Vita; introduced “Wonderbook”, a connected, interactive book that lets children and families interact with literature on the PS3; and showed off new games like “The Last of Us” and “God of War Ascension”. Nintendo concluded the Big 3 conferences with several demonstrations of its new console, the WiiU, and its abilities.

To learn more about Microsoft’s and Nintendo’s new technologies, check “Microsoft & Nintendo Show off Tablets as Controllers” in Zco’s articles archive. If you mis ces, you’re in luck; you can watch them here!

E3 brought many well-loved franchises back, as well as debuting potentially fantastic new ones. The question for gamers now is how much each franchise has changed, and what those differences will mean for gameplay.  For example, “Halo 4” introduces Spartan Ops, “Far Cry 3” includes a 4-player Co-Op, “Pikmin 3” features a Rock Pikmin, and “Assassin’s Creed III”, now set during the American Revolution, incorporates naval warfare.  

Star Wars 1313 hunter gameplayThe introduction of new franchises excited gamers everywhere. Some promising new games include: “The Last of Us”, a post-apocalyptic action game with non-scripted artificial intelligence that reacts based on the current situation and status of the environment, and “Star Wars 1313”, where players can take control of a bounty hunter with stunning visuals and immersive gameplay. “Watch Dogs”, too, has become a hot topic with its unique gameplay features. Players can view any character’s personal information and hack any device.

If you’re a mobile gaming fan and wondering what’s coming next on your iOS or Android device, rest assured that there are many advances in mobile gaming on the horizon. If you missed information on your favorite games during E3,,,, and many more gaming websites have all the exciting information you’re craving.

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