Starting to feel alone because you don’t have an e-book? Research shows one out of every four Americans own an e-book.  The increase was particularly big this year, but mostly during the holiday months where the number of e-book owners rose to twenty-nine percent.  As of August, nine percent of American’s own e-books and ten percent own tablets.  Do you have a preference? Which do you prefer?   The dramatic increase could be for another huge reason too, not just because it is a cool device to have.  Close to the holiday months, Amazon’s e-reader was priced for lower than $100 and the new Kindle Fire was priced at $199.  The iPad 2 costs upwards of $400 dollars.  So the real question is, are e-books getting to be just as big as the tablets or did the price play a huge factor? What are your thoughts? Zco wants to know!

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