Hi, my name is Don Bourke, President & CEO of Gulf Coast Multimedia, and my application is called DVDFind. The concept for my application came to me while I was on vacation in Florida. My wife and I really wanted to rent a DVD movie and did not know where to find one.

This became my ‘A-Ha’ moment and from then on I said I gotta turn this into an iPhone application. When I came home, I decided to contact a local company because I wanted to meet the developers face-to-face. I knew what I wanted and having been in the software business for a long time I was very familiar with how to design it. However, I wasn't familiar with the Apple world; I needed some help. This is why I contacted Zco.

They stayed on schedule, the price was right, the quality was there, they communicated throughout the entire project, and I was very happy with the outcome. Using Zco was very good experience. They knew how to listen to my needs, listen to my ideas, and help translate those into software. Will I ever work with Zco again? Absolutely!

Let me tell you about DVDfind. It’s a new GPS-enabled utility app for the iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. From anywhere in the world, DVDfind can utilize a user's GPS coordinates to locate the nearest movie stores and rental kiosks. The DVDFind app allows users to locate any DVD kiosk or store in the immediate area with the option to customize a location range of up to ten miles. Users can also search ahead of time by typing in specific addresses including work, vacation or travel destination in the US and internationally. An additional feature is the option to proceed directly to the company's website to reserve or purchase a DVD, game, or Blu-ray disc of choice, right from the mobile device. Once at the site, a user can read descriptions and reviews for a movie or game as well as watch movie trailers. DVDfind is available in the iTunes store for 99 cents. Search for DVDFind under the entertainment or productivity category. You can also purchase DVDFind on our website at Get your app of DVDFind today.

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