Unique cloud-based service from DEXSAR

CHALLENGE: Providing a secure and easy-to-use solution to meet customer requirements for exchanging, managing and retaining confidential information and private data in the cloud.

SOLUTION: DEXSAR Service integrated with Iron Mountain’s Archive Services Platform offers a trusted, robust, flexible information management and data protection solution.

RESULTS: By partnering with Iron Mountain, DEXSAR can focus on its expertise and company growth, knowing that customers’ digital assets are securely managed and protected against the risk of data breach or loss. With the Iron Mountain integration in place, the data is protected from end to end.

DEXSAR CEO comments on its integration with Iron mountain  cloud based service

DEXSAR is an Internet-based managed file transfer and data loss protection service that helps customers manage their risk and compliance requirements. Backed by a leading insurance carrier, DEXSAR is a unique cloud-based service that provides customers with a data loss protection guarantee. Customers who maintain their digital assets with DEXSAR get additional protection through the integration with Iron Mountain’s Archive Service Platform.

DEXSAR’s customers span a wide variety of industries that includes: Legal, Accounting/Tax, Insurance, Investment and Brokerage, Business Management Consultants, Marketing and Market Research, IT, Security Consulting and Auditing, and Medical Services. All of DEXSAR’s customers are responsible for creating and communicating highly confidential information and private data. As their requirement for guaranteed protection of digital assets increases, DEXSAR partners with Iron Mountain to address risk and compliance issues.


Gary Mueller describes DEXSAR as a young, entrepreneurial, 21st century-thinking business, founded back in 2006. The company's solution helps businesses and individuals deliver, share and protect digital assets, including business documents and important records.

Initially the company launched their offering in a secure, SAS 70 Type II certified data center. DEXSAR’s customer base grew quickly and within a year, storage reached 17 terabytes. DEXSAR found that they were spending too much time and money trying to recreate what other data-center vendors already offered. Mueller and his team knew that their vision and applications were their sweet spot and that they did not want to be in the back-end archiving business.


To solve their critical business challenge, DEXSAR interviewed several large data service companies prior to partnering with Iron Mountain. According to Mueller, "many of the companies were 'yet another data center just getting into Cloud storage' or had a history of selling servers, boxes and traditional storage. They lacked Iron Mountain's years of customer experience, business focus and deep understanding of information management, records retention and document lifespan. Iron Mountain shared our vision and our high standards for delivering, sharing and protecting our customers' digital assets. Their team took the time to understand our business, customer requirements, applications, and timelines. They partnered with us to build a mutually beneficial business."


In addition to a shared vision, DEXSAR and its customers appreciate Iron Mountain's worldwide brand recognition for trust and its Fortune 1000 credibility. Mueller underscores the importance of these assets to his company, "DEXSAR is the only Internet-based service that provides a data loss protection guarantee - in the event of a breach or loss of data - backed by a leading insurance carrier. When I sit down with the underwriters, and we talk about the cost of policies and exposure, they want to know who our infrastructure partners are. They are confident knowing we are working with Iron Mountain."


Customers stressed the importance of adding a world-class archiving functionality directly within the application. This would help to ensure information and data were secure, allowing DEXSAR to address customers' growing risk and compliance issues.

DEXSAR discovered that its customers already trusted Iron Mountain and its secure, mirrored underground data center facilities where information and data is encrypted at rest and in transmission. That made the decision to integrate with Iron Mountain's Archive Services Platform even easier.

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Mueller notes, "The heart of the DEXSAR service is cloud-based. All files shared, delivered, and protected by DEXSAR use Iron Mountain's Archive Services Platform."


DEXSAR required a robust and flexible API to integrate their solution with the cloud. After rigorous testing with Iron Mountain’s cloud API, DEXSAR was completely satisfied with the integration. The company now offers customers an easy-to-use solution with fast response to data requests, providing new opportunities for enhanced information management functionality in the near future.

DEXSAR found Iron Mountain’s API documentation to be very useful and the interface process straightforward. Iron Mountain provided access to engineers and technical support teams who were proactive in asking questions to better understand DEXSAR’s business and customer requirements.


DEXSAR embeds the archiving functionality within its solution. When customers need to retrieve their information, DEXSAR makes a series of calls to the Iron Mountain API and the required files rapidly become accessible. The process is transparent to DEXSAR users who manage their confidential information and data with a simple drag and drop to and from their desktop.

Users find DEXSAR flexible and easy-to-use. Companies easily set up virtual private networks for sharing data with the ability to manage and monitor all connections and permissions. Critical files, including past versions, are protected from loss—all automatically from the user’s desktop. To use DEXSAR, customers simply create an account and become part of the DEXSAR network. Customers use the DEXSAR PC Client application to access to all DEXSAR services and features, or the DEXSAR Internet portal for simple, rapid access to needed files. Larger client-facing institutions, such as financial and insurance companies, use the DEXSAR Administrative Module to exchange confidential files automatically and securely to larger customer bases. DEXSAR maintains the integrity of exchanged documents with a digital signature, date-time stamp, and complete audit log to ensure electronically certified copies of documents for their entire life span.


DEXSAR recognizes that Iron Mountain's offering is not based on a "cheap, simple storage" model. But, as a young and growing company, DEXSAR understands the benefit and value of Iron Mountain's reputation for storing and protecting customers' data. In order to balance the value-to-cost model, Iron Mountain has a unique, tiered pricing model which simplifies an ISV's ability to offer their service to customers. It allows DEXSAR and its customers to accurately predict file retention costs. That flexibility, combined with the peace of mind in knowing that their customers’ information is securely protected, is invaluable.


Mueller shares the advice of one CFO of a Fortune 500 company who says "protect all that you can, insure the rest." Mueller predicts, "in the future, when we never get paper copies of critical documents, you have to ask yourself important questions such as: Where is my 'e-copy of record' and how can I guarantee that the information hasn't been altered by a few bits or bytes? Who is the equivalent of an electronic notary? All documents have a lifespan. Important e-documents have DEXSAR. With our partner, Iron Mountain, we are fulfilling critical customer requirements in the digital world."

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