Xamarin is one of the most powerful native as well as hybrid app development tools available. Using the C# programming language, developers can use Xamarin to build apps for various platforms including iOS, Android, Mac, and Windows.

As a Premier Consulting Partner, Zco Corporation has used Xamarin to develop applications for multiple operating systems simultaneously, saving time, and cutting costs. Once projects are completed, customers can take more control of the code, making updates themselves with lower overhead.Cross platform Xamarin apps

Features and Advantages of Xamarin Apps

  • Mobile Cross Platform Support: Xamarin offers exceptional cross-platform support for the leading mobile platforms like iOS, Android, and Windows Phone. The Xamarin mobile library provides a unified Application Programming Interface (API) to access common resources from iOS, Android, and Windows Phone platforms. The apps developed share up to 90% of their code, which helps to reduce both development costs and time for app developers who target three major mobile platforms.
  • Faster Development: The Xamarin tools offer pre-built component libraries that help to create enhanced functionalities in your app like stunning UI controls, web services, themes, development framework for real-time multiplayer games, and more.
  • Enhanced Integrated Development Environment (IDE): Xamarin Studio, the company’s IDE for iOS, Android, and Mac apps, features automatic code completion, an advanced project and solution management system, extensive project template library, and integrated source control. Xamarin also offers add-ins for Microsoft’s Visual Studio programming environment, giving anyone familiar with .NET and C# a comfortable starting point.
  • .NET Mobility Scanner: In June, Xamarin introduced the .NET Mobility Scanner, which lets developers analyze C# code to learn how it can be made ready for mobile devices. The scanner accepts compiled .NET libraries or executables in .dll or .exe format and outputs compatibility information for Android, iOS, Windows Phone, and the Windows Store.

If you would like to develop cross-platform consumer or enterprise apps using Xamarin, speak to one of our experts by calling (603) 881-9200 or emailing us.

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