“Best-looking smartphone operating system in the industry,”

Maybe there is a reason as to why Microsoft has been lying low for a while. We were all thinking they were the underdogs but according to critics their smartphone is superior and better looking then any other new phone device.  The Window Phone is causing quite a stir, but in a good way.

“I am a devoted Apple fan - I was in line for the iPhone,” said Axel Roesler, assistant professor for interaction design at the University of Washington in Seattle, but the Windows Phone “strikes me as quite different and an advance.”

Shocked yet?  Granted Microsoft wasn’t looking to outdo Apple, they simply just wanted to be good competition.  No need to worry about the apps either because there are 300 being uploaded daily to the Windows Phone Marketplace.  Do you own a Windows Phone or thinking about getting one? Tell Zco what you think!

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