A branded app helps your business get exposure, interact with customers and receive feedback on your product or service. According to an October 2011 report from Distimo, mentioned in TechCrunch, 91 percent of the top 100 brands in America use mobile app development services to release least one app on the marketplace. If you’re interested in jumping in to the branded app pool, make something that really catches a customer’s eye and imagination.

First, consider what the app will do. If you sell lawnmowers, an app involved with weather or lawn care makes sense. An app focused on iced coffee probably would not—unless you like to drink iced coffee when you mow on a hot summer day! You want your customers and potential customers to associate your app with your business. When customers think of BEHR, for example, they think of wall paint. That’s why the BEHR app, ColorSmart, is so outstanding. It lets users choose a color from a picture to create a color palette. Once a color is selected, the app recommends a set of paints that work well with that color. It also helps customers determine paint costs and find directions to Home Depot. The app is both fun and connected to their products. So when customers are ready to purchase paint, they play with the app to choose colors, then think of BEHR paint when they’re in the store; BEHR then gets a sale it wouldn’t have without the app.

Next, consider what will make your app different. There are hundreds of thousands of apps in the Apple App Store, the Google Play Store and all the other app stores for mobile devices. Check out what apps exist that are similar to your idea; see if there’s a lot of competition. If there is, find a feature that you can offer users they can’t get elsewhere. When you market your app, feature that benefit so users know why they should choose your business’s branded app.

How will your app make money? As mentioned in yesterday’s blog by Courtney LeClaire, there are several ways to generate revenue via app. You may see an increase in business, you can charge for each download of your app, you can sell space on your app to advertisers or you can offer extra, in-app downloads. The right app itself may well end up generating significant income on its own.

If you choose to develop a mobile app, you won’t be alone. Brands like Coca-Cola, BMW and GE who are already household names see the value in offering customers branded apps. It’s an endeavor worth considering for any business owner.

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