The free iOS app allows users to create, express, and share.

Stickers, mostly noted for being on your papers in elementary school, are about to become a mobile trend with the launch of a brand new app, The Sticker App. This mobile application gives users a new outlet to create, share, and pin sticker masterpieces. It is available for free on the iTunes App Store.

The Sticker App mobile application gives users a new outlet to create, share, and pin sticker masterpiecesThe drive to create, express, and share lead to the development of The Sticker App. These ideas inspired developing the three features in the application. Creation, the first feature in the app allows users to create custom stickers by combining pre-loaded images and text. The users can express their ideas and views with the help of custom stickers.  Once the sticker is saved, it is added to virtual sticker boards where the images are shared with other sticker fans.

The creator of The Sticker App, Jeff Ceresnie states, “Our smart devices are capable of so much, yet we are very limited in how we can express ourselves. I wanted to bridge that gap by giving users a simple, intuitive and powerful toolset to create virtually limitless possibilities.”

Apart from being a mobile sticker board, the app also integrates with other social media tools. The Sticker App is integrated with Facebook and Twitter that allow the users to share stickers with other people who are yet to get the application. By combining other platforms with The Sticker App, it lets designers display their creations on various sites.

About the Creator
Jeff Ceresnie, The Sticker App creator, is a 26-year-old trendsetter in the industry is headquartered at Neptune Beach, FL. With a media arts and videography background, Ceresnie aspired to give mobile app users a new creative outlet that could be accessed anywhere at any time.

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