With long work hours and being constantly glued to our technological gadgets, it’s getting harder and harder for us to remember to take the time and smell the roses, enjoy a nice walk, or even just cook a meal. Who really wants to get out that clunky recipe book that’s splattered in decades-old grease with half the pages missing?

Mobile app developers know that you’re getting tired of ramen and TV dinners every night. Now, you can access recipes, ingredients, and meal ideas all on your smartphone. Let’s look at four options:

Cook’s Illustrated is a recipe app for the iPhone that allows you to explore a free, extensive cookbook with just a stroke of your fingertips. Videos are also included with some of the recipes, in case you get stuck on the instructions. Hey, some of us aren’t experts at sautéing!

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The AllRecipes.com DinnerSpinner app for Android is perfect for those who are tight on time. Literally spin the wheels on the screen to select your meal. Want a main course that can be made in 20 minutes or less? No problem! The DinnerSpinner will give you plenty of options! (As long as the meal is actually a thing. If you spin up a “fish soda” or something, you might have some trouble…)

The Whole Foods Market Recipes app for iPhone allows you to input what ingredients you have in your pantry and provides you with recipes that use them.  No more running out to the store in a frenzy! This app also allows you to sort and check for recipes based on dietary needs, such as gluten intolerance, vegetarianism, and more.

The Digital Recipe Sidekick for Android speaks to you, literally! No more worrying about spilling tomato juice on your cookbook…or phone. Simply turn up the volume, set the phone a few feet away, and pay attention as the app reads the recipe aloud step by step. This app also has a random recipe selection option if you’re feeling daring.

All of these apps are free, so add them to your phone, raid your pantry, and start cooking tonight!

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