Getting the best price used to be a laborious task – checking flyers, driving around to local stores. Even with Internet access in every home, you could only check prices at, well, home. Great for online shopping, not so much for brick & mortar excursions.

A few mobile apps aim to change that. When something catches your eye at the store, just scan it with your phone’s camera and see what you could be paying elsewhere. All the apps listed below are free and work on iPhone, Android and Windows Phone.


RedLaser app can show you competitors’ prices locally and online, in a list or on a map RedLaser created the scanning technology that a lot of other apps use. Their app can show you competitors’ prices locally and online, in a list or on a map. American Express cardholders can link it to their account and see if they can use points to buy the item. RedLaser even displays potential allergens for food items.

• ShopSavvy gives you some recourse in the event that the scanned product isn’t in their database. Take a picture, give it a name, and report the price at the store where you found it. Hooray for crowdsourcing!

• Pic2Shop creates a shareable Web page from every product you scan, so you can easily pull it up later on your desktop or laptop. In addition to searching stores, Pic2Shop checks local libraries to see if a book, CD or DVD is available and checked in.

Some major comparison sites have apps for iPhone and Android, though not Windows Phone at the moment.

Google Shopper finds products by barcode • Google Shopper finds products by barcode, your voice speaking the name, or a photograph of the cover if it’s a book, CD, DVD, or video game. It also integrates with Google Offers, showing you nearby deals.

• PriceGrabber includes local deals from group buying sites like Groupon and LivingSocial, and lets you set Price Alerts so you can be notified when a product you want dips below a certain price.

As mobile app development services continue to be utilized, unique features like library searching and allergen listing will likely be integrated into more comparison shopping apps so you won’t have to pick and choose. For now, find the one you love and start saving money!

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