The new Galaxy Nexus, by Samsung, is the first Android device to offer Ice Cream Sandwich operating system. The release date is still a mystery for Google’s new flagship smartphone, which will be sold by Verizon Wireless.

Android now powers the majority of smartphones sold. However, Google does not claim to have perfect devices. Recently Google’s chief mobile engineer, Andy Rubin, was still describing the platform as one ‘for early adopters’.

This phone will make people stop in their tracks. The first thing that strikes you is its huge, 4.65-inch high definition display. Soon after the 1.2GHz dual-core processor proves it has plenty of muscle, and a slightly improved battery life just about lasts a busy day.

The buttons along the bottom are now part of the screen. A fun new feature is face unlock. Facial recognition software is used to keep unwanted people out! Be advised that apps could have bugs that do not with Ice Cream Sandwich.

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