Hi, my name is Tom McCarthy and I'm with the Colorado vNet Corporation. I’d like to take a few minutes of your time today to talk about our experience with Zco. Before I begin I should probably share a few things about Colorado vNet. Colorado vNet manufactures premium multi-room audio systems. These are the type of systems that would be installed in high-end homes, premium hotels, and such.

Several months ago, we took on the project of developing an iPad application to control our multi-room premium audio system. There were a lot of challenges for us to do so. We’re a small company; we didn't have the resources in-house. So we began to look for an outside developer. We decided to choose Zco as our development partner for the development of the iPad application. It was based on many factors, not just their technical competency and experience, but also the chemistry that we felt with our own development team.

We already knew that they were well known in the industry, but we were a little concerned because our problem we thought was unique and somewhat challenging. So after meeting the staff, interviewing them, we felt comfortable. But yet there was one other factor that, well, it's not your typical development concern and that's the fact that we're a small company and we basically have family-like atmosphere. We needed somebody who we felt would treat us almost as a family member, a one-on-one relationship. We certainly did find that with Zco.

After several months of work, we were delivered an application that was flawless. But most relevant, and this was critical to our company, the source code that we were handed was well-documented and very easily understood by our engineers. That was very important to us because we didn’t have the resources to develop iPad software initially and we were really reluctant on taking on any additional heavy resource tasks. We recently demonstrated the iPad application at one of our annual trade shows. It was well received by the customer community. Some of the comments that we got were: it was esthetically pleasing; it integrated seamlessly with the entire Colorado vNet system; it worked flawlessly. We were very impressed with the job that Zco did on this application.

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