So you secretly love the new iPhone 4S because of the Siri voice activation, but the downfall is you are an Android lover. Well, wait no longer my friends because Cluzee is the Android Siri alternative.  Cluzee may even offer a little more than Siri.  It goes one step further for you, for example; Cluzee will read your schedule for the day. If you have a doctors appointment and there is traffic or a delay on the route you would normally take to get there, Cluzee will let you know.  It also reads text messages and emails to you and writes emails and texts from your voice.  This is an app and it’s available now for the Android! I think the coolest feature I read about the Cluzee is calling for a taxi.  All you have to say is “call taxi” and Cluzee knows your exact location and what company to call.  These phones are getting too smart for me I think! It is almost surreal. Do you think phone technology is getting too out of hand?

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