Author and actress Odessa Cleveland has released a mobile app for iPhone and iPad, targeting children beginning to save money. Called $ave,Depo$it,Inve$t, it sells for $2.99 in the App Store. $ave,Depo$it,Inve$t Children's Banking App

Filled with colorful animated images and scenic backgrounds, the app helps the user learn to save and become financially literate by thinking logically about the money that he or she earns or receives from family, friends, and relatives. Users become aware of setting goals, depositing regularly, looking for interest compounded daily and paid monthly, and thinking outside the bankbook.

$ave,Depo$it,Inve$t uses music and the alphabet to reinforce its message of saving. It also emphasizes thriftiness and having spending goals, becoming an early step on a journey to comprehensive financial literacy.

Wanting to make the app useful in both home and school settings, Cleveland worked with Zco’s mobile app developers to ensure that it:

  • Develops logical and mathematical intelligence

  • Supports visual, auditory and tactile learning styles

  • Helps a child manage money and develop self esteemWater Colored Soul, a book of poetry

Cleveland is the author of three books: Thank You, an e-book available for iPhone and iPad; Water Colored Soul, a book of poetry; and In the Zone of Changes, a novel including instructional guides for grades 9-12. She has appeared on screen in episodes of M*A*S*H, General Hospital, Sanford and Son, and The Greatest American Hero. Her theater credits include George Bernard Shaw's Black Girl in Search of God.

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