A new mobile game has elements of chess and reversi, and it is now available for iPad and Android tablets. The game, Chargers, is designed for two to four players and is available for $2.99 on the iTunes App Store and $3.00 on Google Play.

Eliminating all rival pieces by surrounding them and removing them from the board is the basic goal of Chargers. The Chargers strategy board gamestrategy needed to complete that task, however, offers the challenge.

Players can use their own pieces to enclose their rivals, as well as a stone, a tree, or the edge of the game board. Four trees are always on the board and cannot be moved or eliminated. If third and fourth players are not present, two stones occupy the third and fourth sides of the game board.

In the game of Chargers, each player starts the game with five foot soldiers, two strongmen with stones, two horses, and one nobleman. Players can make up to ten one-cell moves per turn, divided among different pieces.

Each game piece has a unique ability. Strongmen can drop stones as part of an enclosing strategy or directly on other pieces to remove them. Strongmen can also move stones that are already on the board. Horses have the ability to jump over other pieces and stones. Noblemen, when surrounding an opponent piece, convert it to their own side rather than eliminating that piece.

Chargers supports in-person games of two to four players passing the device between them as well as online play with friends or other adversaries. The iOS version of the game works through Apple’s Game Center.

“Chargers is a game that offers a challenge to people who like to devise strategies,” said the game’s creator, Eric Phillips. “It’s the type of game that is relatively easy to learn, but difficult to master. It is also a great game to play with friends and family. I am very glad to see my game become an app, and hope that it will provide a fun and interesting challenge to many people.”

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