ASO Tips and Tricks for Gaming Apps

The global mobile gaming market is projected to generate more than $137.9 billion in revenue in 2018. Mobile games make up a majority of the nearly 6 million apps on both the Apple App Stores and Google Play Store, and it’s clear that game and app developers are taking advantage of this ever-popular app category, leading to an overpopulated app ecosystem.

Before Google Pixel, There Was Nexus

There are few brands in tech that have garnered such a dedicated and diverse following as the Nexus line of devices did. What began as a way for Google to realize a pure Android experience on phones eventually evolved into the Pixel. But the launch of their first dedicated phone meant the demise of some of the most beloved devices in mobile tech.

The logo for Google

Google Embraces the Age of AI at IO 2018

Google Embraces the Age of AI at IO 2018 There was a particular segment during Google’s 2018 IO keynote that, even for those with no technical understanding of artificial intelligence, made the hair stand up on the back of your neck. It was a conversation between a hair salon receptionist and an unidentified customer. The…

The Slow Death of Windows Phone

Microsoft officially pulled the plug on Windows Phone in July of last year. Of course, the announcement of the end of Redmond’s technical support for the mobile OS was really just a confirmation of what most app developers and users already knew: Windows Phone had been languishing for a long time. This death knell was…