My name is Dorinda Bordlee and I wear a lot of hats. I’m a lawyer, I’m a mom, and thanks to Zco I’m an iPhone developer with my own app in the app store. Zco made it really easy to bring my Brag Book app to life. Brag Book is basically an iPhone photo wallet. It's great for moms like me to show off my favorite pictures of my kids and my pets and it lets you add captions. And the fun part is changing the look of the photo wallet cover with leathers and animal prints, whenever you want to.

When I brought my idea to them it was really clear because I wanted to protect my idea and they had a non-disclosure agreement that was very clear. I signed that, they gave me a quote that was based on the estimated hours, and the contract was very clear so we all knew what we were going into from the very beginning. Then they were creative. Within a week of talking to the project manager, I had a document with full color screen shots. They were just so collaborative. It's like having a team of engineers at my disposal.

I was able to clarify my ideas, change button layouts, before they started writing the code. Now that my app is in the app store, I’m working with Zco to market it. Their marketing services include Search Engine Optimization to drive traffic to my website, digital media like press releases, and helping me with social media like Facebook and Twitter. Zco even created a product video from my Brag Book app and they were great to work with because they are clear, they’re creative, and they collaborate.

Please give us a call at 603 881 9200 or visit our website at and click the Request a Call button.

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