On September 24 and 25 I had the pleasure of attending the Boston App Expo 2014. I was able to attend a variety of presentations regarding UI design, app marketing, and wearable technology. There was a lot to be learned about topics from development to deployment.


It’s all about usability

Every app needs to be intuitive for the user to pick up, said the Microsoft professionals in a Gaming UI talk. This includes a simple design, recognizable icons, and adequate in-app training. Along with being efficient and easy to use, the app should also have something whimsical about it. That might involve incorporating animations, adding fun jingles, or including surprises – the users want to have some fun.


Marketing matters

Once the app is developed it is time to move on to the marketing. Apps are not “set it and forget it” tools, but need to be marketed and in front of the right target audience. Hunter Gaylor, pictured below, vividly described marketing and selling apps through relationship building. It is also important to research your target audience, their emotional triggers, and how they use apps.
With your target audience in mind, you can now think about the app’s description, taglines, keywords, and consumer marketing. Today 63% of apps are found via search, which emphasizes why app store optimization is crucial: specific words and phrases can be the difference between an app getting found and getting buried. Social media outlets, paid advertisements and focus groups can also be invaluable in getting the word out.


Analyze this

After you develop, research, and market you now need to analyze. Did the app reach its target market? Were users engaged? This cycle repeats with each new update to the app. Detailed analytics code can be built into any app to provide crucial performance statistics.
Overall, the Boston App Expo was full of thought leaders, creators, developers, and marketers all on a single mission: figure out the secret sauce to getting an app number one. Mobile applications are businesses that reside in people’s phones, with all the challenges and opportunities that any business presents. 

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