Avid released an iPad app called Avid Studio. The app is a scaled down version of Avid’s pro video editing tool. A concentrated version of the world’s leading film-editing technology all made into an easy-to-use app. It enables you to edit video, audio, and photos at the speed your creativity takes you. This application has been released to compete with iPad’s iMovie.

The features are astonishing and this video editing tool really allows the users to do more.Features include a storyboard, timeline, and the ability to scale images and video. Users can quickly create multi-layer 3D animations, transitions, and titles, pan and zoom on photos to create high-impact slideshows, easily composite video tracks to create layered looks, generate professional-looking motion titles and graphics with full control over text, font, color, size, position, and rotation, and most of all enjoy full-screen playback. Another feature is the ability to export a project via the cloud. The user can move it to the Avid Studio app for the PC or visa versa. It also makes sharing your finished product on Twitter, Facebook, and email as easy as the click of a button.

This app has all of the capabilities to be a professional tool. It has some of the same platforms used by Apple, whichmay serve as a gateway for professional developers to consider the Avid suite. Avid Studio for iPad will be priced at $4.99 during a 30-day introductory period. After this allotted time it will be $8.00.

Final Cut Pro X for the Mac had a poor reception, initially, when it was released in the summer of 2011.This new version dropped many features that made Final Cut what everyone knew and loved, and angered several professional customers that were using this software. Now, Avid Studio has provided an opening for alternative products in the video editing market.Here are examples of all the video editing tools. Adobe, who has its Premiere Pro product, stepped into the FCPX termination and offered discounts to these users who wanted to switch to the pro products on the desktop. Avid's most basic desktop suite runs on a Windows PC, only, and costs $169. The company's pro app Media Composer is significantly more expensive, and does run on the Mac. Final Cut Pro X is $299 and requires an App Store-friendly version of Mac OS X.Apple updated FCPX to bring back some features that were lost in the FCP7 to FCPX. Although some video professionals and serious hobbyists feel the momentum is swinging away from Apple. So, Apple needs to get going on bringing themselves back up the ranking.

Not only is this a new innovative iPad app, but also it has the Avid name on the product.This means there will be no question that can’t be answered because Avid provides several options to help their users successfully install and use Avid products.

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