Augmented reality glasses were the stuff of science fiction only ten years ago. Now they're in—or more accurately on—people's faces. Google Glasses were in attendance at 2012's New York Fashion Week; the models at Diane Von Furstenburg's show wore the glasses, but they weren't the only ones. Von Furstenburg's documentary, filmed on Google Glasses, shows passersby and audience members in the glasses, too.

Augmented Reality Google GlassesGoogle Glasses may be the augmented reality product everyone's talking about, but they're not the only game in town.

Vuzix, for example, announced their Star 1200 XL wide field augmented reality glasses on September 18. The 35 degree view is designed to work in a number of industrial and commercial applications, according to Herald Online. They will use 3DOF motion tracking sensors and a built in camera to interact with the environment. The glass's display is native 16:9 format with full color WVGA.

A prototype by the Technology Department in Cambridge, UK takes a different approach to augmented reality. The glasses look normal, with full frames and lenses, but feature a tiny projector in one of the arms. The image is reflected onto the glasses and into the eyes, allowing a user to view the AR content on top of the environment the user sees when looking ahead.

The Guardian reported that the same company created a technology that allows users to control the glasses with eye Subway closures with Google Glassesmovements alone.

There is also a possibility that Sony will introduce its own augmented reality glasses at the Tokyo Game Show later this year. The rumors come from a Japanese advertisement released by Sony that showcases its newest headset, complete with a mounted front-facing camera. The headset would be more likely used in video games than while walking around on the streets or working, showcasing yet another use for augmented reality glasses.

When augmented reality glasses make their way into retail stores, there'll be more than one brand on the shelves. The only real question will be which offer the features you want—and look good on your face.

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