Health and fitness can be hard to come by with a busy schedule, but not with the newest technology in Health and Wellness apps. Here is a rundown of some applications you can download to help keep you healthy, fit, and feeling great.

Exercise is important but can get repetitive after awhile. Here are exercise apps you can look at to make the exercise world more exciting.


All-in YOGA: A yoga app available for the iPhone for $1.99. An "HD" version for the iPad is $2.99.All in Yoga app for iPhone

Some of the features include:

  • Breathing exercises
  • Free, live support; you can get free help from a yoga instructor right through the app
  • 300 poses along with detailed instruction plus photos and video
  • Over 40 ready made programs
  • Even a tool to choose the best program that will fit your goals


RunKeeper: If you’re a runner this app will be beneficial to you.

  • Track how far you went, how long it took, and the route you travelledA visual from Runkeeper app
  • Share your activities with friends
  • Listen to music while still in the RunKeeper app
  • Get audio time or distance updates through your headphones
  • Create your own interval workout and allow the audio system to coach you through via your headphones

Looking to eat healthier? Here are a couple of apps to help with maintain nutrition.


Cooking Light Recipes: Cook Light Recipes appThe Cooking Light app is a great tool to learn about healthy meals in a quick and easy way.

  • Calculate real time nutrition calculation as you make your own menu
  • Photos of every healthy recipe
  • Cooking, shopping, and nutrition tips
  • Save and share your favorite recipes


Calorie Counter and Diet Tracker: Calorie Counter and Diet TrackerThis app has advertised that all of their users have lost millions of pounds combined!

  • Has the largest food database and is updated daily
  • Track calories, fat, protein, carbs, sugars and more
  • Frequently used foods are automatically remembered for easy access
  • Enter your own recipes and calculate their nutritional content
  • Plus many more!

This next app is effective for women. It helps to keep them stable and balanced.


Pink Pad Period Tracker Free: Helps women keep a healthy lifestyle by helping with weight control, menstrual cycle, and emotional and physical well being, in a global atmosphere.

  • Exchange health and lifestyle information with women around the world
  • Track and chart fertility and periods
  • Learn about beauty, health, and lifestyle tips

Health is a key factor in life. Schedules can get busy and life goes by in a flash. Help make it a long, fulfilling life with these easy to use downloadable apps on your iPhone or iPad. Learn more about our mobile app development services by clicking the button below.

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