Apple certainly has its daily ups and downs, however today Apple has taken a huge plunge in the market because of a lawsuit. There has been controversy stirring over the use of the iPad name in China. Apple tried to claim the name in 2008 however the company Proview Technology supposedly claimed the name in China back in 2001.  Apple lost the court hearing at the Municipal Intermediate People's Court in the town of Shenzhen (near Hong Kong). They are no longer allowed to use the name iPad in China.  What is unfortunate is Apple’s Beijing and Shanghai stores generate the most revenue in the chain.  The firm that is dealing with Proview Technology’s finances announced a $1.6 billion lawsuit against Apple for copyright infringement. A Proview representative stated, "Their copy infringement is very clear. The laws are still there, and they sell their products in defiance of laws. The more products they sell, the more they need to compensate." This is some pretty serious stuff. What are your thoughts on this sticky situation?

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