Apple is biting back! Since the New York Times came out with the Article criticizing Apple for mistreating their Chinese manufacturers, Apple is not afraid to show how they feel on the matter. With the new Mountain Lion software, media outlets have had big ears and wide eyes. Everyone wants to get their hands on this juicy new software and Apple is all about sharing. Apple plans to share information to selective media outlets, which usually include the New York Times but since their scandalous article Apple is giving them the cold shoulder.

"We're never happy with our access to Apple," said Damon Darlin, The New York Times' tech editor. "Apple is a difficult company to report on. Talking to the CEO of one of the largest technology companies, the highest-valued company of the world? Yes, we would like to do that. They know that."

Seems that the times are openly admitting they are upset that they will not be included.

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