Image of Apple Logo Apple has yet to reveal any news on the highly rumored production of the iPad Mini, but with all of the recently leaked pictures, it’s only a matter of time.

Mobile Geeks has leaked a screen cap of an inventory sheet that reveals prices of the iPad Mini. According to the sheet, we can expect the iPad Mini to start at a white or black 8GB with Wi-Fi only capabilities for 249 Euros. To up the storage or add cellular networking, the cost jumps an additional 100 Euros. The high-end models feature 64GB of storage and cellular networking for 649 Euros. Assuming that Apple continues with their current trend of ignoring the exchange rate between the Euro and U.S. dollar, we can expect the prices to be relatively the same, i.e. around $249-649.

The iPad Mini will be a hearty competitor for Google’s Nexus 7 and Amazon’s Kindle Fire HD with a listing price $50 dollars higher, a price that consumers are likely to pay for Apple’s hottest new gadget.

In addition to Mobile Geeks’ leak, 9to5Mac’s Sonny Dickson tweeted pictures of a white iPad Mini atop a 10” iPad. Dickson’s photos show the iPad Mini with Apple’s new Lightning dock connector, a 7” screen, and a sleek aluminum case.

CNN Money has reported that Apple is likely to send out invitations to an iPad Mini event this week for an October 23 launch. In addition to the launch of the iPad Mini, Apple is also planning on releasing a smaller version of the MacBook Pro with retina display. The current MacBook complete with retina display is only available in 15-inches, but Apple plans to introduce a 13-inch version at the event. The date of the revealing doesn’t nail down any possible release date, but you can bet Apple will take advantage of the 2012 holiday season.

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