Have you been waiting for the right time to develop an app? This might be a perfect time to finally develop your idea, and Apple can tell you why.

Apple announced on January 7 that their developers have raked in a cumulative 40 billion downloads, with nearly half last year alone. They boast that the App Store is connected to over 500 million active accounts, which achieved a record-breaking two billion downloads in December.

40 Billion Apps downloaded from the App Store “It has been an incredible year for the iOS developer community,” said Eddy Cue, Apple’s senior vice president of Internet Software and Services. “Developers have made over seven billion dollars on the App Store, and we continue to invest in providing them with the best ecosystem so they can create the most innovative apps in the world.”

The seven billion dollars made by developers is a product of the 775,000 apps available for the iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch. To put this in perspective, The Next Web notes that June 2012’s announcement showed 30 billion downloads, 400 million accounts, and 650,000 apps available.

Apple’s downloads appear to be increasing at an accelerated rate as does their user base. Based on the figures Apple provides in the release, there is an average of 80 apps per person, across multiple devices and 155 countries. This can be great news for current developers or those looking to drop an app into the App Store.

As a measure to encourage developers’ faith in iOS, app case studies are incorporated in the announcement, including Temple Run, Action Movie FX, and AutoDesk.

Google Play hasn’t released a statement offering their app statistics, but it’s possible they aren’t far behind based on their history of matching Apple’s milestones.

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