When you have a movie about a reanimated pet dog coming out in theaters, how do you promote it? Easy: you release an animated book for the iPad showing secrets and stories behind the film’s production history.

It’s just one prong of the usual advertising push, of course, and far more people will probably see a Frankenweenie television commercial than will download Frankenweenie: An Electrifying Book from Apple’s iBookstore, but the free animated book increases readers’ investment in the film before, perhaps, they’ve even seen it.Frankenweenie Animated Book

The book includes not just text and pictures, but video from the film and behind the scenes, audio of songs from the soundtrack and companion albums, and interactive 3D models of some of the characters.

The first chapter charts the production of Frankenweenie from its inception in 1984 to a short film and finally the full-blown Tim Burton/Disney motion picture now out in theaters. In later chapters, readers are introduced to the town where the movie takes place, New Holland, and the characters – human, canine, and feline - that populate it.

There’s even a chapter about an exhibition in San Diego showing “The Art of Frankenweenie.” The exhibit includes sketches, models and puppets used to create the stop-motion film.

Frankenweenie: An Electrifying Book is, at heart, a promotional tool. Chapter 7 is inevitable: “See Frankenweenie in Theaters.” There’s an exclusive clip of the film and a link to buy tickets there, but the marketing push isn’t solely contained therein.

Chapter 6 is the “New Holland Bookshop,” where readers can immediately download Frankenweenie: A Novel from the iBookstore for $9.99. Chapter 5, “Frankenweenie Music,” offers up not only the Danny Elfman soundtrack of the movie for sale through iTunes, but also Frankenweenie Unleashed!, featuring songs inspired by the film from artists like Karen O, Neon Trees, Passion Pit, Kimbra, and others.

The animated book medium works perfectly to get curious moviegoers more excited about Frankenweenie. By publishing it free, Disney ensured a low barrier to entry for iPad owners; by promoting tie-in products, Disney made it easy for fans to spend more on the Frankenweenie franchise.

As you can see, animated books can be an end in themselves or a valuable way to promote a product, event, or business. Call Zco Corporation or request a call to learn how we can help create an animated book for you!

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