Second quarter reports were released earlier this week with iPhone and Android users. Do you know what phone came out on top? That would be Google’s Android platform. All we hear is iPhone this iPhone that, but Android holds 42% of the market share.  Apple’s iOS claims 27% of the market.

A survey polled 30,000 US mobile subscribers and found that Samsung provided 25.5% of Android handsets. LG handsets came in second with 21% of handsets.

With so many smartphones in people’s hands around the US browsing is not the number one use for phones. Text messaging still rains supreme over any other mobile phone use, totaling 70% of all the content. Content usage includes downloading apps, using the browser, accessing social networking site, playing games and listening to music.

Phones have become more technical, but their use has stayed the same, interesting.

As consumers we have our pick of what smartphone we want. Android and iPhone are in a heated battle for the top of the market, and there are many more operating systems for smartphones that could sneak up to the top of the market at any point.

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