Boingo Wireless, Inc. has released their Wi-Fi trends identified from hundreds of hotspots, and 60 managed networks located in airports.

The trend shows that laptops are not the most connected devices to WiFi. It shows that 58.9% of all devices that connect are smartphones and tablets. 83% of those devices connecting are running iOS. Android has significantly increased, but is still far behind iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch.

Boingo also found that data consumption has started to increase. It isn’t clear what is causing the change in consumptions, but it is suspected to be by activities like reading and responding to e-mail and keeping up with our news.

If any conclusion can be drawn from this trend survey it is that access to Wi-Fi is becoming an essential service. This changes how society uses their time, especially in areas like airports that used to be places where we couldn’t be connected or productive.

This also means, unfortunately, expectations are also increasing. It’s become more difficult to get away.

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