Zco Corporation is a proud associate member of the American Hospital Association. The AHA was formed in 1898, and is a national organization of healthcare representatives. Its members include providers, networks, hospitals, and affiliates, addressing both local and national issues. The AHA is an advocate for health information technology, an area in which Zco has extensive experience.
Zco has worked with healthcare partners to develop custom medical mobile applications, as well as 3D animations, walkthroughs, and modeling projects for medical, business, and nonprofit fields. With 25 years of developing cutting-edge custom software, Zco is proud to work with our medical partners in various fields to create a healthier future for everyone.

Medical Apps & Electronic Health Records

Medical mobile apps are an advancing technology having a bigger presence in the health care industry. Not only do healthcare professionals benefit from having mobile electronic health records of patients, apps are now giving patients the ability to keep up-to-date with their health records. Easy and convenient, mobile apps have improved the doctor-patient relationship by bettering communication and understanding.
Zco has built numerous healthcare related apps, including:

Govern4Health app for health governanceGovern4Health

The Govern4Health app is targeted to health leaders, managers, and those who govern within health systems. It details four essential governing practices, enumerating various tasks that support those practices, and examples of those practices in use.

MyBreath Lite breath tracking appMyBreath Lite

Using a standard mobile headset, MyBreath Lite generates a breathing score for its users. The app provides real-time feedback, fitness goal tracking, and coaching. Interactive graphs and animations provide step-by-step guidance.

My Resource Search finder tool for healthcareMy Resource Search

With My Resource Search from the Patient Advocate Foundation, users can find the insurance and healthcare assistance they need. Resources in 35 categories range from financial assistance to transportation help. Four quick questions hone in on the user’s exact need.

Track My Health app to track medication and lifestyle changesTrack My Health

Track My Health features templates for more than 35 critical laboratory tests as well as blood pressure, pulse, weight, and BMI. Data points can be graphed over time to see if one's health is improving. There are even tips for reducing one's risk factors – though, of course, you should always consult with your own doctor.

Raphael PetMed pet appRaphael PetMed & Raphael PMR

PetMed helps pet owners maintain an updated medical file of critical information that can be communicated with veterinarians, pet sitters, animal hospitals and animal hotels. It helps medical histories and general information about your loving pet come to life.
Raphael PMR app for medical recordsPMR gives patients the power to maintain their own Personal Medical Records. It also helps them communicate with their physicians via email, request medication refills, and track treatments.

Medical Animation

Medical 3D animations can serve a variety of purposes in the healthcare industry. A medical device manufacturer can create 3D demonstrative videos for their prosthetics, teaching doctors and patients alike. Medical students can train via digital autopsies, exploring the body in detail when a cadaver is not available.

The possibilities for 3D in the healthcare industry are endless. Our 3D artists have worked with medical manufacturing companies, doctors, and other healthcare professionals to create intricately detailed tutorials, overviews, and mobile applications.
Medical Device VideoHere are some examples of the uses of 3D animation:

  • Training and education
  • Demonstrations (product or business)
  • Pitch a new product
  • Communicating a complex message
  • Gaming
  • Short Films
  • Bringing a logo or object to life

Walkthrough in 3D

Walkthroughs allow visitors to virtually tour a facility, even if the building does not yet exist. A hospital looking to build a new wing can develop a 3D walkthrough of the proposed facilities to court donors. Tour Zco’s headquarters in our example of 3D walkthrough.

As the world continues to push more towards mobile technology, so must healthcare. Zco’s collaboration with the AHA is indicative of our commitment to building high-quality projects in the field of medicine. To learn more about Zco’s healthcare services, click here or give us a call at 603.881.9200.

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