Deciding on type of mobile app can be tough – for both developers and entrepreneurs. Even with native and web apps reigning at the moment, there’s a definite shift towards hybrid development.

HTML5 Hybrid Application DevelopmentHybrid apps accelerate cross-platform development by using native code specific to different operating systems only for a container app. The actual functionality is carried out in universal code like HTML5. According to a Gartner prediction, more than 50% of mobile apps deployed will be hybrid by 2016.

There are several advantages to using a hybrid approach rather than native or web development.

Development and Maintenance Cost: One of the biggest advantages of developing hybrid apps is the cost factor. When compared to native apps, the development and maintenance cost of hybrid applications is lower. Hybrid apps developed using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript typically need fewer app updates in comparison to native apps, which require considerable updates when new operating system versions are released.

Offline Functionality: Yet another advantage of using hybrid apps is their power to work offline. Native and hybrid applications have a clear advantage of functioning even without Internet access, whereas mobile web apps fail to provide its users this feature. Hybrid apps, even those accessing online content, can cache data locally for use without a constant connection.

API (Application Programming Interface): When compared to mobile web apps that have limited access, hybrid applications utilize the full capacity of the device API. Hardware access lets a hybrid app leverage functionalities like camera, GPS, widgets, and more.

Speed: For just about every function except intense graphics, hybrid apps can perform just as quickly as native apps. Web apps rely on not only slower code, but communication back and forth over a network.

App Store Availability: When users go looking for a smartphone app, they usually head for their vendor’s app store. Web apps don’t benefit from the same curated exposure.

With the ability to combine the capacities of both native and web app development, hybrid applications are one of the best solutions available for enhancing business. To discuss mobile development with a Zco expert, call 603.881.9200 or email us.

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