For the patient, Abbo EMR is a log-in web and mobile document in which they can view and, if necessary, update their own complete medical record. The data would include information like current and past diagnoses, medications, office visits, lab results and physician’s instructions. Patients can view the doctor’s office recommendations instantly in the comfort of their own home and carry their entire medical record with them on their Smartphone. Reminders for the patient are sent to the patient both as a text message on their mobile phone and by email.

Abbo EMR app for medical records

One of the most valuable features in Abbo EMR is graphing. Quantitative medical data, such as lab test results, EKG parameters or life-style parameters, are easily plotted on a graph to detect any significant trends. This is a beneficial visual for patients who are working on improving lab results, such as cholesterol and vitamin levels to see how their results are improving over time.


Abbo EMR medical records app

Dr. Abbo reached out to app developer Zco Corporation for the completion of Abbo EMR because of their unique experience in both industrial strength back-end and mobile applications. Zco specializes in multi-platform app development including iPhone, iPad, Android and BlackBerry as well as back-end industrial strength applications including .Net and Java Technologies.

Details on how to get started with ABBO EMR will be available next month, April 2010 on it’s official launch date. Catch Dr. Abbo’s video announcement on Youtube.

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