Hi, I’m  Doctor Fred Abbo from La Jolla, California. Zco Corporation developed for me the Abbo EMR, a state of the art electronic medical records program. Zco was able to manage the development of Abbo EMR, which is a large and complex program involving both cell phone and the Internet. I would like to say a few words about my experience with Zco.

First of all, I found them to be well organized. They adhered closely to their predicted timelines. I found them to be promptly responsive to my questions and the issues; always courteous and very patient working with me even though I am a difficult, compulsive, perfectionistic, and demanding person. I found Zco to be very reliable and trustworthy. Zco was always very helpful, beyond what is strictly required in a contracted business relationship.

In summary, I found the quality of work by Zco to be of the highest order. I highly recommend Zco for the development of any significant computer program and promotional material.

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