The three hottest tablets are up to par for this holiday season. We have the Apple iPad, the Amazon Kindle Fire, and the Barnes and Noble Nook. Each one of the tablets is the most current generations. Here is a list of features for each tablet.

Nook: The current B&N tablet is has large amount RAM for a lot of e-reader storage. The Nook has in store support all over the country, so repairs are right down the street. Is it only $50 dollars more than its Amazon competitor and has an extravagant literature collection. The one draw back is the Nook could does not back up music or personal files.

Kindle Fire: Amazon has shown the world the companies best yet. The Kindle Fire has a small price tag of $199. An Amazon membership, for $80 a year allows you to stream TV and movies form Netflix. The drawback for this tablet is the ad-supported formatting that shows advertisements when you’re not reading. Also, the problem of no in-person support could be a big factor for buyers.

iPad: Apple has the buyers flocking in number to buy the iPad. With it’s larger than life screen and the capabilities to do that and more of the Nook and Kindle Fire, it is sure to be on everyone’s Christmas list. This is the grown up tablet, because of its video editing and word processing capabilities. Believe it or not, people prefer the smaller price tag and the lightweight 7-inch tablets, so the price and size is a drawback for the iPad.

It will be interesting to see who reigns supreme in this tablet war. We will be sure to let you know after the holidays!

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